Live and recorded webinars update

MOL has been reviewing how we can improve webinar delivery for our learners, and we have decided to move webinar delivery from WebEx Training (WT) to WebEx Meeting (WM). Our decision has been driven by several critical factors.

  1. The new system records webinar sessions in MP4 format, so for future webinars, you will be able to watch all recorded sessions without being restricted by the device you’re using.
  2. A better audio quality
  3. A more intuitive and user-friendly platform
  4. A mix of familiar and more sophisticated functionality such as
    • closed captions
    • more modern emojis
    • chat box
    • ‘open mic’ facility
    • icons
    • polls

When will this transition happen?

From Wednesday, 1 June 2022 we will be switching all our live webinars to the new system (WM).

What will happen to the webinars that I have already registered for?

If you have already completed the registration for webinars with the old system (WT), we will need to replace them with the new link. This means that you may receive a cancellation message for that webinar because the link is now different.

You will then need to use a new link (which will be located where you normally find your webinar links). Once you have this, please proceed with the registration, and attend your live webinar as you normally would.

Do I need to learn this new system?

Your tutors will be trained on the new platform and ensure you are familiar with the new system when you first join the session.

Will this affect the recorded webinars?

You can access your recorded webinars from the VLE as usual. The only change is that the file will be accessible as an MP4 to offer more flexibility with your playback device.

What will happen to my existing recorded webinars?

All the pre-existing webinars will remain on the VLE for your future access. However, these won’t be available as MP4s as they have been recorded in the old system (WT).

If you need any more information, please contact our learner support team on

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Last modified: Wednesday, 20 April 2022, 11:07 AM